Success Stories of Immigrants Who Have Made a New Life Abroad

Moving to a new country can never be a synonym for the phrase “easy sailing”. Immigrants have to fight with all sorts of problems: understanding of another language, other cultural values, they do not have work and become the victims of prejudices, loneliness and so on. However, a few prove themselves stubborn in the face of all the difficulties and succeed in laying the foundations of their prosperous future abroad.

Are you going on a trip abroad any time soon? Read the following stories that hopefully will empower you not to lose faith.


Success Stories of Immigrants Who Find New Happiness Abroad

The following is a compilation of the stories of those who have left their native land and adapted another in a new country. It is our hope that these are the source of your motivations and inspiration.


Ravi Kapoor – The Cook

Ravi Kapoor immigrated to the United Kingdom from India in 1998 only with that amount of £200 in his pocket. He was a farmer’s son who, unlike the rest of his family, had no formal education. What he did have, however, was great passion for the art of cooking. He grabbed whatever odd jobs he could, dissolving into gas stations, food delivery, and construction if it was just to make ends meet. But, he had a secret hope to achieve his dream and run his own Indian restaurant.

Finally in the year of 2005 after all this struggle, hard work and saving every penny, Ravi was able to actualize his dream and opened an eatery named “Spice Hut” in London. As a hobby, he began selling home-cooked meals that are based on his very own unique way of cooking and he was soon well known and received an enthusiastic response from the locals. Nowadays, Spice Hut restaurants are in high demand in many locations within the city and it is one of the highly acclaimed places to taste Indian cuisines. Despite numerous difficulties which came on his way, Ravi’s indefatigability, talent and remarkable gastronomical skills enabled him to achieve his immigration goal.


Yasemin Ozdemir – The Code Genius

Yasemin Ozdemir is a Turkish software engineer who led a blissful life – an exciting career, great family and nice earnings. However, she went to work for a tech mega you did back to basics and watched the movie. She had to take a hard pill to swallow – it was a total renewal with zero resources but only her craft of coding.

At first, she did some freelance ghostwriting to keep her knead. Eventually, she sought advice from persons already in the business. Last, but not the least, the history will be remembered by her when she cleared the interview of Google in 2019. Now she is one of the major team leaders of the company heading AI power projects, which are their specialty. She went really bold and took an opportunity and this turned out to be a path for her dream company and country. Yasemin’s story certainly fires up those who are experienced and dare to make that jump into integrating.


Tariq Aziz – The Refugee Entrepreneur

Moving to Canada in 2016 was a nightmare for Tariq Aziz as it was for a refugee but it was also a huge relief. He was being a restaurateur and he earned all to be destroyed by this conflict. However, he made a conscious decision only to fall. Through his diligent learning in the next two years and performing his successful certification, he was able to open a bakery named ‘Damascus Rose’.

What began as a leap of faith was a sort of way to barely make it transformed into an enormous hit. His carefully crafted Middle Eastern flatbreads, called manaeesh and sweets quickly became popular in the neighborhood. Damascus Rose currently has two of the stores, with the additional two planned to open by March.

Tariq’s generosity manifests itself in several manners, such as the fact that he employed many of the Syrian refugees who are also trying to build a new life as well. His persistence is a true motivational factor.


New Beginnings

The mentioned above are surely not the only accounts of refugees, but it is just a small portion of a much bigger picture depicting the essence of courage and thirst for life present in immigrants.

The turning point in their relationship has been the act of taking a leap of faith, both of them have been able to begin anew and they have made their way forward even though there were a lot of obstacles in their path. Through their experience, it is possible for people many across the world, who are looking to make it in a new place, to believe in a better future.


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