Best Recruitment Agencies to Get Jobs for Immigrants in Australia

What are the best recruitment agencies to get jobs for immigrants in Australia? Of course, searching for a job as an immigrant in a new country can be quite difficult. The job market can be a daunting space to navigate, and you might find yourself asking, why is it so relieving and exciting to get hired for a position one has dreamt about for months or even years?

Luckily, Australia has some great employment agencies that specialize in assisting immigrants to find their dream job.

The Top Recruitment Agencies for Immigrants to Get Jobs in Australia

Here are some of the top recruitment agencies for immigrants looking for work in Australia:

Australian Migrant Employment Services (AMES)

#1 on our list is the Australian Migrant Employment Services popularly known as AMES. This is the major recruitment agency with expertise in employment, settlement, and education services for migrants, refugees, and other job seekers in the society of Australia. They know their business as they embody over 40 years of experience built up with a large pool of employer contacts and a perfect picture of challenges associated with immigrant job seekers.

AMES provides a multitude of programs for immigrants to help them find employment, among which are resume writing guidance, cover letter writing assistance, interview practice, and job search. On the same note, they form a close alliance with many of the biggest and most sought employers in Australia, as such they are a very important institution in the help of people looking to start their journey down under.


Hays is one of the leading recruitment agencies operating in Australia with an international presence. Besides, they have dedicated departments that directly interact with the immigrants to match them with positions in various sectors, ranging from health and IT to banking and mining.

The distinguishing feature of Hays is its commitment to investigating each candidate’s competencies, employment history, and aspirations relating to their career. They not only met immigrants but worked in concert with them to craft job-applicant strategies specifically tailored for those individuals and gave ongoing support throughout the hiring process. Hays has pretty strong relationships with various employers who are doing their best to recruit high-quality and multilingual talent.

The Adecco Group

The Adecco Group is one of the biggest HR solutions providers in the world, and Australia is where you find it very active. They have experts in human resources who are fluent in helping immigration to deal with the local job market and find the appropriate place.

Aside from the regular job placement services, The Adecco Group also offers career coaching, skills training, and resume writing assistance. The aim is to help immigrant job seekers present themselves in the best possible light and secure a job. They have contacts with many different employers, from different industries, and this is the reason why they are an outstanding resource for immigrants with a set of skills and job backgrounds differentiated from the East European ones.


Randstad is a reputed global head of the human resources and the recruitment sector and thereby it has a rich and successful history in the Australian market. Their employment service has a dedicated immigrant recruiting team, with a mission to be informed of the special needs and demands particular to immigrants in Australia.

The Randstad team takes extra care to see that the immigrant credentials and qualifications are recognized for what they are worth. On the other hand, the Randstad team guides the candidates on the culture and interviewing requirements and the way the workplace works to make them succeed in the job. They are also known for strong partnerships with chief employers who are actively seeking those companies who want to hire people from diverse and inclusive backgrounds.

Ethically Recruit

Ethically Recruit is a boutique recruitment agency to creates more equal employment opportunities for candidates who are disadvantaged and have difficulties in finding a job such as immigrants. They adopt a highly personalized way that aims to see each candidate as an individual, who despite their differences, has collectively uncovered their skills, experience, and career goals.

What differentiates Ethically Recruit from other agencies is that they have a strong moral and values-oriented orientation to the hiring process. They facilitate interactions between employers and educate them on various aspects through the inclusive recruitment strategies they can use and the need to build more diverse teams. This is one of the reasons why they are an excellent choice for immigrants who want to get offered a job by an organization that is truly appreciative of diversity and inclusivity.

It doesn’t matter which agency you decide to work with, but you need to be active, flexible, and determined in your search for a job. Of course, you can get a job where you would fulfill yourself in this country if you ensure that you will get adequate support and guidance. Good luck!

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