Okey Sokay – Aka (Mp3 Download + Lyrics)

Okey Sokay Aka Mp3 Download

Okey Sokay – Aka (Mp3 Download + Lyrics)

Okey Sokay, okey sokay songs, yanga by okey sokay, okey sokay – yanga lyrics, okey sokay yanga lyrics, Shortly after the release of his 13 track mini-album ‘Without You’, veteran producer, songwriter and singer Okey Sokay returns with a new single “Aka”, an ibo word translated ‘Clap’ in English. ‘Aka’ produced by Okey Sokay, is that heavy dance, easy-to-sing-along record containing synthesized African sounds, that engages one in dance and clap in praise to God.

“Everybody Clap, Clap for our Savior, King of kings, Good God, The good one…” sings Okechukwu in his native dialect (ibo – an Eastern Nigerian launguage) in reverence of God. Okey Sokay is currently working on his full debut album scheduled to be released before the end of 2014.

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Okey Sokay – Aka Lyrics

Everybody tuwara aka
Chai, aka
Oye nemenma kuwara aka now
Chai, aka
Ngwanu ngwanu
Everybody kuwaya raka
Chai onyenemena kuwayaraka now

Aka maramna…
Aka maranma kan ga ku

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