Must-see Landmarks and Attractions in Popular Cities

Leaving your home and exploring new territories is one of the most exciting experiences that can broaden your horizons and expose you to different cultures, histories, and natural wonders.

Not every city in the world is the same, but some places are famous due to some iconic buildings and unique attractions that make them very popular and visited by millions of people daily.

The list of famous landmarks includes not just skyscrapers but even ancient ruins which have become the symbols of particular cities by attracting the people’s attention and presenting a unique atmosphere for all the travelers from across the globe.

It’s your turn to discover few of the most populous cities throughout the world where special monuments and attractions are discussed that will exposes the character and identity of these dynamic places.


Must-see Landmarks and Attractions in Popular Cities

Here are the major landmarks and tourist attractions in popular cities in the world.


New York City

The Big Apple calls for no introduction – it’s a perfectly busy city which never sleeps!

Start your sightseeing tour with the most iconic Statue of Liberty, which is a symbol of freedom and democracy.

Next up, visit the Central Park, which is an escape from the sea of concrete you’re surrounded by.

Never forget to stop by the 9/11 Memorial, a memorial honoring those who lost their lives in the horrible attacks that changed the lives of so many of us.

To enjoy the best skyline panoramas of the city, you could either climb to the top of the Empire State Tower or go on the ferry ride to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.



Ugh! Which city? The city of love!

Appreciate the wild beauty of the Eiffel Tower which is indeed the emblem of Paris.

Tour the majestic Louvre Museum, the house for the mysterious Mona Lisa.

Also, take a leisurely walk down Champs-Élysées, the most enviable street of Paris, and treat yourself to some excellent shopping as well.

If you wish to taste history, travel to the cathedral Notre-Dame, a Gothic masterpiece which had survived the test of time.



Take yourself back in time and get drenched in the history of the ancient Roman capital.

Do a little walking by the Old Colosseum, it was a great spot for watching the gladiator matches.

Make a wish to throw a coin in the classic Trevi Fountain, a Baroque marvel where wishes are believed to come true.

Also, walk around Vatican City, the tiniest internationally recognized independent state, and admire St. Peter’s Basilica with its stunning facade.



London is the city which possesses a lot of tradition and modernity. Here are cool places to visit while you’re here.

In my opinion, a trip to London is not complete without the visit to Buckingham Palace, which is the official London residence of the British monarch.

Also, don’t skip the Changing of the Guards, which is a British tradition with the quintessential look.

An ideal souvenir from this trip is a nice photo in front of Big Ben, the well-known clock tower famous as a symbol of London.

For some history fill, you can visit the Tower of London that is UNESCO World Heritage Site and has a narrow line of entertainment through times even the most dismal.



This future city in the United Arab Emirates which sits as a wonder of the world in modern architecture and engineering. Where can you go to here?

Take in the majestic grandeur of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, and see an awesome view from the observation deck on the top.

Explore the Dubai Mall which is the world’s largest shopping malls. Inside this mall there is an indoor aquarium and a massive fountain show.

To get an authentic feeling of the traditional Emirati culture, go on a walk around the old city’s lively souks (markets).



We wish you greetings from Down Under! Sydney is definitely worth exploring. It’s Australia’s Harbour City that is synonymous with the most precious gem.

Take a walk with and between the world-class icons of Sydney including the Sydney Harbour Bridge, popularly known as the “Coathanger“, and the Sydney Opera House, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Also, get acquainted with the blue sky and blues of the surf at the fabulous Bondi Beach, or wander around The Rocks, where one can feel the bustle of the old city.



Hello from the land of the Eastern sunrise! Tokyo which is Japan’s capital city is a mind-blowing fusion of old and high-tech. What are the popular landmarks and attractions in this city?

Take your time to stroll around the tranquil Imperial Palace, the main Palace of the Emperor of Japan.

Feel the sorted confusion of the Shibuya Crossing, which currently is the world’s most crowded and busy traffic intersection.

For an initial taste of Japanese pop culture, the colorful and eccentric area of the Harajuku district, well-known for its extraordinary street outfits and tantalizing street food, is a must – see experience


Well, you see there are many must-see landmarks and attractions in several popular cities in the world. So it’s up to you to choose two or more of these cities and take a visit there.

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