Godsent- Ojiofor Nechember (Mp3 Download + Lyrics)

Godsent Ojiofor Nechember Mp3 Download

Godsent- Ojiofor Nechember (Mp3 Download + Lyrics)

Godsent, godsent- ojiofor nechember, godsent mp3 download, godsent- ejiofor nechember mp3, godsent- ejiofor nechember mp3, Godsent Ngere, popularly know as Godsent Angel is a minister of love, who go about with his crew preaching the Gospel through music, Prophecies and giving food, gifts, and financial help (Charity) to the needy in different rural areas.

He is popularly called the Apostle with the Prophetic Mandate! But His outermost passion is MUSIC! And this is is new Release! Tittle ; EJIOFOR- NECHEMBA.
Meaning; The king Who owns the Key of whole UNIVERSE. And it’s specifically dedicated to JESUS CHRIST his Boss!.

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