Best Travel Apps for Navigating Unfamiliar Places

Getting lost in a new city is one of the most frustrating travel experiences. Feeling lost, being clueless about how to read the map and hitting the dead end won’t just ruin your whole trip but will make it that bad.

Fortunately, thanks to the advent of the technology, the travel apps of a special kind help a lot with finding directions in a new city. Through these digital tools, you no longer need to worry about how to get to your destination. Instead, they will guide you right to the spot, among other things like features of the nearest attraction and add language assistance services.

Let’s discover them below.


Top Travel Apps to Guide Through Unfamiliar Places

If you are traveling and look for an app that would guide you through the new town like a local, then look no further! Check out this list of the most popular travel apps for heading for destinations you never have been and navigating the places even with your eyes closed.


Must-Have Apps

  • Google Maps (Android/iOS): The to-go-to navigation app you probably already have on your device even before you can download it. The Google Maps service distinguishes itself via directions for every turn, real-time traffic updates and showcasing the Street View pictures. Every traveler has the access to its database covering millions of areas aroul nd the world hence is an indispensable tool.
  • (Android/iOS): This offline map application is the only way people can navigate through areas that have poor connection to the internet. It provides you a spot to get maps for whole nations or regions and they are all brought to life with key landmarks, contour, and terrain details. is an indispensable tool for him who’s hiking, backpacking, or even traveling away from the urban areas.
  • Citymapper (Android/iOS): Nowadays, Citymapper is used by people in over 40 major cities worldwide as it has installed an app where you simply choose all the possible means of transport (buses, trains, bikes, ferries) in the one user-friendly interface. This, as well, involves integrating weather and disturbance alerts into our journey service that will enhance its smoothness.


Insider Tip Apps

  • Waze (Android/iOS): Waze, which has gained popularity among commuters, is based entirely on crowdsourced data to provide real-time information about traffic situations, Highway closures, police traps, etc. On the other hand, the uniqueness of the APP is that the active community of the users makes them updated about the delays and therefore they avoid it.
  • Yelp (Android/iOS): Sure, Yelp helps you find top-rated restaurants and cafes, but its mapping capabilities are just as handy for travel. The app pinpoints popular local haunts, filtering by price, cuisine, and other criteria to match your preferences.
  • Google Translate (Android/iOS): Language barriers can easily make a simple misunderstanding of a big international crisis. Luckily, Google Translate can translate over one hundred languages in text, voice and even physical translation with the help of a camera, thus it is possible to fill in communication gaps right then and there.


Culture Connections Apps

  • Culture Trip (Android/iOS): Looking for something else than that busy old center around? Culture Trip offers you the chance of punctuated unique activities and special locations just for you. You will explore hidden street art, underground music venues and secret food havens when you choose the Travel Operations as your trusted partner. Be ready to discover the unseen color of a town in this city.
  • Like A Local (Android): This app is not like any other travel guide, it connects you with local people who can share real life information about their hometown. Get first-hand recommendations on the locations of the best street food, the coolest neighborhoods and so on by being the explorers of the regions through the eyes of the locals.
  • Musement (Android/iOS): Let Musement take care of this part by prebooking all the tickets and tours for you. Whether you want to see the Eiffel Tower or go back to ancient ruins, Musement prepares the plan for you which leaves you with nothing else but just shows up!


Last Notes

Nowadays, all you need is a smartphone downloaded with these handy travel apps to say goodbye to struggling to find your way in unfamiliar territories.

These digital tools will help you to be sure of your position on the map, will give you a list of interesting places in the area, and will immerse you in local culture, so that you can travel safely.

That’s it. Start charging your gadgets and prepare to navigate the world with all the knowledge and perceptions of a real local.

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