How to Bring Your Pet With You When Moving Abroad

Are you planning an international move but can’t bear the thought of leaving your furry friend behind? Relocating to a new country is challenging enough without having to worry about your beloved pet. However, with a little bit of thoughtful preparation and paying particular attention to the key points, the move can turn out to … Read more

Accessing Financial Services as an Immigrant

Have you recently migrated into a new country? It is not an easy task to conduct smart financial management especially if you are a newcomer in the financial system where a lot of rules and components are being used in the process. Access to financial services is, therefore, important for establishing a reasonably stable existence … Read more

Navigating Cultural Differences in the Workplace

Nowadays it is hard to find a workplace that would not reflect the multinational society in which we all live. Regardless of where you came from, the personal values that you’ve acquired from your culture are likely to differ. The diversity of such environments can be both productive and a source of tension – on … Read more

Education Options for Immigrant Children

What are the education options for immigrant children? What are the best ways for kids from immigrant families to get a good education? This is a question many parents find difficult to answer. Deciding on where your child is to be enrolled as in which school is a great decision. However, families who moved from … Read more

Accessing Healthcare as an Immigrant

The challenge of finding a healthcare provider may be one of the first problems that the newly arrived immigrants in a country will have to deal with. The system not known by the person you have come to see the doctor, the language difficulties, and the cultural differences become barriers to the necessary medical care. … Read more

How to Find Work as an Immigrant

Are you an immigrant who is looking for a job in a foreign country? The challenge of getting a job is one of the biggest aspects of packing a new country. As an immigrant, you are likely to meet challenges of the local employment market such as no experience on the local labor market, language … Read more

Cultural Adjustment Tips for New Immigrants

Moving into a foreign country involves a high expectation mixed with optimism and hope. On the other hand, trying to fit in with a different culture can be the hardest part of your life, especially when you have just moved to an unknown place. Even the basics like just communicating, meeting friends and coming across … Read more

How to Prepare for an Immigration Interview

The immigration interview is the essential part in the process of permanent or temporary residence status in a new country. It’s an opportunity to check all the boxes on the list and to make sure that the correct information is being supplied on the application form. Adequate preparation should therefore be the one and only … Read more